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Buy & Sell quality used and second hand photography equipment. We specialise in Sigma lenses as well as Canon and Nikon Digital SLR cameras and lenses. View our large selection of used DSLR cameras. lenses and accessories. If you are looking to sell your used camera or lens, we also buy second hand photographic equipment; offer top prices and can Part exchange or upgrade your equipment


We currently buy and sell a wide range of photography equipment, including New & Used Canon and Nikon Cameras, Leica, Phase One, Hasselblad, Sigma and more . SO Cameras also sell new and used Digital SLR cameras, photography software, equipment and additional parts such as camera bodies, flashes and lenses.


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5 Canon 5Ds Features to Take Note of Before Buying

After Nikon breached the normalcy of 12 – megapixel cameras with their D800’s 250 – megapixel, Canon is now climbing up the ladder slowly but effectively with one of their latest, the EOS 5Ds. Photographers then came to wonder how is this different from the EOS 5D Mark III? How will it be able to […] Read more

The Best Nikon Lenses to buy for your Full-frame DSLR Camera

Nikon’s celebrated FX format (35mm / full-frame) DSLR lenses have been highly rated by professionals and amateurs alike. For years Nikon has been producing top of the line optical products that have the driving force behind some of the greatest images ever made. They have a vast range of excellent lenses to choose from. In […] Read more
Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 17.42.33

Nikon D810 AND Canon’s New 5Ds Go head to head (Info Graphic)

Photographic Equipment Reviews Used & Second Hand Cameras and Lenses
In the battle ring of cameras, Canon faces Nikon once again in a toe to toe comparison between their  popular full frame models. In this article, we look at the features in the new Canon 5DS and Canon 5DS R and compare them with the already in market Nikon D810 Camera. While both are considered […] Read more
Best Lens for your Photography

How to choose the best new or second hand digital camera lens for your photography

Used & Second Hand Cameras and Lenses
The digital camera world is a jungle. Too many choices often make it difficult for a beginner to make up their mind as to what gear they should invest in. It’s not just the camera that one has to decide upon, there’s the question of the right lens, the right external flash, a tripod;  and […] Read more

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The Royal Photographic Society is a membership organisation that promotes all aspects of photography.


SWPP represents wedding and portrait photographers. Benefits of membership include business listing, bi-monthly magazine, mentoring programme, seminars, competitions and much, much more.

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Best Deals on New & Second Hand DSLR Cameras

Photography equipment can be costly. We aim to provide our customers amongst the most competitive prices for New equipment on the UK Market. Also another a great way to offset cost of photography equipment is to purchase top quality used equipment from our wide range of second hand Nikon, Canon, Sony and Sigma stock. You can expect to save typically between 30-50% of the price you would pay for the same new digital camera or lens. All of our pre owned stock is highly serviced and checked and is provided with 6months warranty as standard for added peace of mind; something not usually offered when buying used camera equipment on auctions site or privately

Sell Camera or Lens for Cash

At SO Cameras we aim to offer you the best price s on the market for you used photography equipment. Allowing you to cash in on the value of your old or under used photography. Sell your camera or lens safely, quickly and without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. All the prices we offer are guaranteed and with no additional or hidden fees unlike auction site allowing us to offer you more. Fill out our quick online selling form or give us a call to get a price

Buy, Upgrade and Part exchange the latest new and used Digital Cameras and Lenses

As a photographer your skills and requirements will change and probably so will your digital camera equipment. So whether you are Upgrading camera equipment, switching from Nikon to Canon camera or from Sony DSLR to Fuji Mirrorless platform we can help you save money and offset the cost of New photography equipment or Premium second hand camera gear by part exchanging your old camera or lens and providing you new Digital photography equipment. We can typically offer you much more on a part exchange/ trade in camera deal in the UK than we would for a straight cash sell of your camera/ digital lens, so you can count on getting the best deals and prices for your New Camera upgrade.